Lung Carburetor

Behind the Lung Carburetor ventilator is a team of experienced medical device designers from Montreal and Charlevoix, Canada.

This prototype is low-cost, portable and easy to manufacture. All in all, the goal was to create the most flexible and modular system possible. For instance, the device can be equipped with a 7-inch touchscreen, an external 15-inch monitor, or be controlled from a cellphone or tablet.

Many DIY ventilators lack reliable and robust control functions, i.e. the control loop. But to the Lung Carburetor team, reliability is critical. This device functions with different brushless motors and pumps, displays, or power sources. Still, at the heart of the platform, the control loop remains. As a result, the device can perform in a variety of settings : it can function autonomously (“in the wild”), or operate as a fully supervised machine (in a hospital or clinical setting).


Team members :

  • Louis-Pierre Fortin, ing. – Technical Leader
  • Gabriel Tremblay Grenier – Full Stack Developer
  • Dr. Jean-François Bouchard – Medical Doctor
  • Frédéric Lauzon – Firmware Developer
  • Sylvain Brisebois, ing. – Electrical Engineer

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