Designed in Montreal, Canada, the Haply Rideau MkII is a quick-response ventilator. In fact, it uses the leading modern-day open-source hardware, 3D printers. That is to say, it has the potential to be the fastest prototype to market around the world.

Not only is this ventilator easy to design and source by, and built from proven materials, it also provides functionality on par with far more expensive systems.

Behind this prototype is a robotics company, Haply. In order to design this ventilator, the team collaborated with physicists and engineers from Montreal, London (Ontario), and Kingwood (Texas).


Team members :

  • Alexander Vieth
  • Benjamin Delbos
  • Bernard Gallacher
  • Brunett Johnson
  • Colin Gallacher
  • Felix Desourdy
  • François Leduc-Primeau
  • George Fortin
  • Olivier Philbin-Briscoe
  • Steve Ding

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